Business Loans

When you need a commercial banker, you need one that's flexible and ready to provide you solutions to help your business grow. Whether you are expanding an existing business or starting a new venture, Valley National Bank has seasoned commercial bankers who work with you to develop a loan for your unique needs with the prompt service you should expect. Because your business success is our greatest achievement, we offer a wide variety of business products and services.
  • Call 918-495-1700 to apply now! We have a loan specialist ready to assist you with all of your borrowing needs.
  • If you are looking for financing for the construction or purchase of commercial real estate, our experienced commercial bankers will work with you one-on-one to find the ideal solution to meet your financing needs. We offer creative and customized solutions for a variety of commercial real estate property types.
  • For builders or home owners seeking to build residential homes, Valley National Bank provides construction loans. The loans are often structured as 12-month construction phase loan with interest-only payments. Draws on the line are generally monthly and construction progress is inspected by a third party inspector prior to funding the draw request. For builders, Valley National Bank provides construction financing for both speculative and pre-sold homes.

    For developers looking to develop lots for residential construction, we selectively provide financing for such projects.
  • Valley National Bank has financing to provide you with that next piece of equipment or asset for your company. Loan terms can often be set to correspond with the life of the asset and repayment can be structured to optimize your cash flow.
  • We offer flexible and revolving lines of credit that can be structured to meet the specific needs of your business. Lines of credit are a convenient way to finance seasonal cash needs, receivable or inventory financing or other short term cash flow needs. These loans are typically 12 months and renewed annually.

    We also offer bank-based accounts receivable financing for small businesses that may need short-term working capital. The BusinessManager® program supports the pace and needs of your business by depositing cash into your operating account every time you submit an invoice – giving you quick access to the money you're owed.

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